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Custom Speaking

Be it for conferences, seminars, or congregational meetings, speaking with your group is designed to:


  • Inspire to a higher sense of living


  • Motivate to know that God has a plan of goodness for them


  • Empower with clearer identity and purpose


Overall optimizing everyone’s understanding to the abundant faith and life that God has planned for us all.

See the following testimonies about Greg Settle of White Pine North Ministries:

“Greg Settle has been encouraging and as helpful to my family and me as is imaginable. The Bible message is timeless, but Pastor Settle brings a fresh perspective that brings it alive in a way that is different than any other speaker. His application of Bible principles is in equal parts healing and encouraging.  And his communication is lively and practical. Our family has grown closer to the Lord and closer to each other because of him.”  - Chris Brown

“Pastor Greg is a well-prepared public speaker and is very enthusiastic with his presentation. He brings practical application to his message and applies what he is sharing with personal examples. He keeps your attention while he is speaking and you have an excellent opportunity to share in his message and enthusiasm personally. I highly recommend Pastor Greg as a motivational speaker. He will adapt his message to your needs if you are looking to motivate people in your employ or for a cause of your concern.  - R. Cheney


Don’t let your people stagnate; recharge them and your organization.
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