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Faith Life Counseling

You’ve been hurt, but you can get help. 

Greg Settle offers pastoral counseling to get you back on course with the life and joy that God intended for you to experience.

See these testimonies of people who have regained hope:

 Greg Settle helped me understand God's amazing grace and how on a daily basis I can apply it to my life. The concepts he has taught me have brought me through some very difficult situations. I would highly recommend him to counsel those going through trying circumstances. - Carole Haynes

 “I was directed to Pastor Greg Settle through a mutual friend. It was a blessing to find a counselor of such excellent qualities: trustworthy, sincere, an excellent listener with insight, wisdom and knowledge. He is a true gifted professional.  Foremost, he is a God-loving man who wants to convey God’s love for you, and your importance and identity in Christ. This allows Pastor Settle and you to navigate with the necessary abilities through your painful situation. I would highly recommend Pastor Greg Settle to anyone who is looking for a counselor, especially a Scripture based counselor.”  - Marianne C.

“As God began to lead us on a journey to understand grace, He used Greg Settle to reinforce what He had taught us and to push the limits of our understanding. As Greg met with us in our home, he challenged us to see ourselves as God truly sees us - complete. From there, God has opened our eyes to the vast riches we have in His kindness. We are truly thankful for the time that Greg has spent investing in us with the message that God has entrusted to him.    - Paul & Amanda S.

It’s true; your life can get better and be good because that is God’s plan for you.

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