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Workplace Wellbeing

The majority of our lives are spent in the workplace. Our outlook on life is very much formulated by the environment of the workplace. The work place, in many ways, establishes one’s sense of personal value.

In turn, our ability to function well within our own personal lives outside of the workplace, such as within the family unit, is largely contingent upon the time spent making a living for the family.

Greg Settle brings resolution to many difficult situations and moved our organization forward. He offered counseling that gave clients choices from a new perspective. I love working with Greg!”  -Mary Phillips, Executive Director, Pregnancy Care Center of Cayuga County

When we cannot function well at home it affects our performance on the job.

In these situations good employees can become unproductive due to their life problems. Productivity drops, coworkers are affected and an entire workplace can start to become toxic diminishing overall employee performance and a company’s profit. Being down in life can start to bring a company down.

To reverse this destructive cycle, White Pine North works with employers to help identify the root problems of their workers and then develop a course of action to help those troubled recover and restart in a new direction.

     The Workplace Wellbeing program includes:

          -Meet with CEO or key organizational leaders to get a full understanding of issues as well as             the company identity, environment, values, mission, goals, etc.

          -Visit your workplace offering a 40-minute time slots to speak with your workforce. This                     would be available company wide or for specific departments. Meetings can also be                           conducted with a small group or one-on-one.

          -Inspire a clear sense of value in who they are individually and as a whole.

          -Motivate action to allow their sense of value to become relevant on the job.

          -Empower individuals toward a healthier view of work, home, and life

Being effective makes the worker happier, more productive and more engaged with your company because their life is functioning well once again.

God’s plan was never for work to be a curse but as a blessing and for a purpose.

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