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Greg Settle has been the pastor and founder of Armor of Light Baptist Church in Victory, NY since 1995. And though this seems nice and tidy, a deep depression set into his heart several years ago. This started Greg’s  journey of rediscovering who God really is and what life was actually meant to be.

Through the pain of depression, Greg began to see a new perspective of how amazing and complete God’s grace is when fully understood and applied to life; even at its lowest point.

As a result of this journey, he has been able to weave together the principles of God's grace to show how it benefits our life today. Our Creator’s intention is for us to live, to experience, and to enjoy a satisfaction that is free from chronic emotional struggles.

Your spirit can be free of the problems that are constantly dragging you down:

  • Discouragement: “Life is not turning out the way that I thought it would”

  • Despondency“I feel as though I am not getting anywhere”

  • Depression: “It all seems kind of hopeless”

  • Despair“I am about ready to give up”

  • Desperation“I cannot go on like this”

Learn how to take in God’s Grace for: Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. So that you may intimately know who God is, who you are, and His incredible purpose for your life.

The Purpose of White Pine North Ministries is to Help You:

  • Regain spiritual health and enthusiasm

  • Get back on course to a healthy relationship with God and yourself

  • Overcome fear, doubt and anxiety

  • Experience freedom and victory over destructive and addictive behavior

  • Replace despair with hope and peace

  • Live in the love, grace, and joy that God intended for each of us

  • Develop a new, fresh faith

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